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3D Precision Indoor GPS and Navigation for All Products and Use Cases
The Way It Should Be for OmniChannel Retailers

Accurate, instant positioning in three dimensions for mobile devices.
Our unique technology enables indoor mapping and positioning for thousands of uses.

Map in Three Dimensions

The only indoor positioning system that can map product height. Direct customers to higher or lower shelves to find products.

Drill Down to 10cm in Location Accuracy

Take customers directly to even the smallest, hard to find products.

Increase Employee Productivity

Enable all employees to locate product for service, stocking and pricing in seconds.

Path Of Least Resistance

Map the most efficient route in store for shopping lists to get satisfied customers with more time to browse and increased sales.


Analyze customer flow and dwell patterns to plan and assess site layouts and product displays.

Improve Customer Service

Your customer’s standard smart phone, without any location tags, becomes their digital assistant for customer service.

Virtual Merchandising

3D maps, routes, flags and finds preferences, savings and all shopping list items.


Talk to our consultants about precision indoor GPS your way.