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Group FIO is a global leader in cloud based omnichannel retail systems. They specialize at integrating their applications into the existing technology infrastructure all retailers have implemented, then providing a cloud based growth path for new applications. FIO provides Takemetuit with expertise on integration to retailer online shopping carts, inventory and POS.

Cantactix is one of North America’s leading experts in retail store space and shelf management. They have extensive experience implementing and optimizing JDA Intactix and other space management systems with numerous enterprise retailers and brands throughout North America. Cantactix provides Takemetuit with expertise in integrating space management systems into our AcuFind and OmniBridge technologies.

Canada’s leading organization for the development of geomatics technology.

Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) at SAIT unites the needs of industry with the knowledge and skills of faculty and students to bring innovations closer to market.

Is one of only two North American organizations that combines onsite R&D, engineering, manufacturing and testing of micro and nanotechnology products and partners with and financially assists MNT businesses in commercializing their products as quickly as possible.

Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity (REAP) sparks creative minds to explore the latest interactive, machine-to-machine, and digital display technologies.

Canada’s leader in transforming business through mobile and IoT Innovation.