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At Takemetuit, we believe that precision indoor positioning technology that can lead people to precise SKU shelf locations, and is available to all shoppers and employees on standard smart phones and smart watches, can unlock tremendous innovation and value for retailers and their shoppers, employees and vendors. We call it Location Based Retailing and it can enable the Internet of Things for Retail Stores in a practical cost effective way… at an item level.

Could in-store tracking technology change the layout of the grocery store?

Summary: Retailers are starting to get benefits from tracking shopper walking patterns in grocery stores and this trend will grow. Takemetuit will expand on this by leading and tracking shoppers right to specific product locations saving them 50% of shopping time. Employees will be able to monitor and update the daily changes in product location that occur while they reprice, restock, etc.

Wal-Mart’s ‘test lab’ a sign of the digital times for bricks-and-mortar retailer

Summary: This article describes how Walmart is testing new technologies to engage customers more instore and give them more convenience and time saving instore so they don’t feel the need to surf online on sites like Amazon. In the scenarios described here, Walmart’s Scan and Go handheld computer they are testing, could not only scan product to save time, but if outfitted with Takemetuit, could actually lead Walmart shoppers right to precise product locations saving them 50% of their shopping time, according to a time and motion study Takemetuit conducted.

In-store Availability – Still The Number One Priority

Summary: This is an excellent blog by consumer shopping expert Mike Anthony. He gently points out that in the rush to adopt all kinds of technology by retailers , the number one experience that customers want in-store, is to easily find available products. Takemetuit firmly believes this as well and is why we concentrated on developing real-time positioning technology that works with standard smart phones, without the use of specialized tags, and with the goal of leading shoppers to the precise location of products, rather than just the general neighborhood.

Ready to engage with tomorrow’s shopper?

Summary: This IBM retail leadership report from the IBM Institute for Business Value explores how the retailer of the future will embrace technology to create innovative solutions that engage with tomorrow’s shopper. IBM shares the strategies that will help retailers reimagine the retail business of the future. Takemetuit firmly believes that adding precision indoor positioning technology and mobile tools to precisely find items on shelves will be a cornerstone to merging the digital and instore shopping experience and be a platform for smarter and far more convenient shopping.

Amazon to Add 100,000 Jobs as Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Crumbles

Summary: The article describes how Amazon will be hiring employees for its growing number of fulfilment centers that are near urban centers to provide faster delivery. Takemetuit technology is designed to assist bricks and Mortar retailers, that still account for 90% of retail sales, to enable Amazon-like efficiency for retail employees, plus provide shoppers with 50-70% time savings with their in-store shopping. This means stores can attract more shoppers by offering a faster, smarter shopping experience, that truly helps shoppers

Amazon Go and Beacons: Enjoy brick-and-mortar shopping? Get ready to be watched very closely

Summary: January 2017,, This article reviews the technologies that Amazon are bringing to market and how other Beacon providers have not had strong enough technology, and to use cases, to create the demand for mass adoption by retailers. Takemetuit is the first Beacon technology that can fill this gap.

The Store Of The Future: 133 Startups Transforming Brick-And-Mortar Retail In One Infographic

Summary: September 2016, CB Insights, this infographic and blog lists and explains how technology startups will influence the Store of the Future. Takemetuit is the only technology, although we are not mentioned, designed to provide precise, real-time indoor positioning to within 10 cm in three dimensions of a product shelf location. Takemetuit believes it’s product finding accuracy will be a foundational capability that would drive and accelerate the capabilities of most other in-store technologies.

US Retail Sales to Near $5 Trillion in 2016

Summary: Retail is huge and the first company to bring truly precise, individual product specific, accuracy and real time tracking that connects the customer to the trillions of dollars of products stands to revolutionize the retail industry as no one single technology has in the past.

IBM is a leader in providing infrastructure to retailers for their store operations.
Back Office Transformation

JDA is the world’s largest provider of software, process and service solutions for retail store operations and manufacturing supply chains.
Enterprise Store Operations

JDA is also the worlds largest provider of tools and systems for store space planning and planogramming…. The art and science of optimizing the layout of stores and products on shelves; to maximize product sales and facilitate the way shoppers buy.
Planogram Generator | Space Planning

SAP is the world’s largest enterprise software provider for all industries, including Retail and Distribution.
Retail Solutions

Canadian Tire is a $10B OmniChannel Retailer.
Canadian Tire

Loblaws operates over 30 retail chains in Canada totalling over $30B annual sales. is their flagship online shopping system with instore “drive-by” pick up. See also MyShop at MyShop on your mobile device.
Click and Collect On Line Shopping Service