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Takemetuit is a Canadian company that has been perfecting Indoor Positioning since 2016. Our unique proprietary hardware and apps: 1) lead shoppers with a standard smart phone to within 4 inches of specific products, thus enabling numerous customer-centric aspects of omni-channel retailing and planogramming; and 2) enables tracking shopper movement for analytics. Unlike Takemetuit, most indoor positioning systems (IPS) are limited to locating a person indoors within 7-20 feet of accuracy, and some may track walking patterns. This means they do not have the design or accuracy to reliably guide a valued shopper to a specific product, or have a consistent positive experience.

What is absolutely unique about Takemetuit is that we have achieved a repeatable level of accuracy down to 4 inches, in three dimensions. We know this is unique from reviewing published research and discussions with leading market intelligence consultants. We believe Takemetuit ranks as the single most accurate indoor positioning technology in the world, and has been designed so that both the hardware and software are upgradable “in place” to maintain a sustainable technology advantage. Read more in Resources.


Takemetuit is based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We located in Calgary because it is arguably the world’s largest R&D centre for GPS, and provides Takemetuit with world-class employees and resources. The city hosts a cluster of 150 GPS and navigation companies centred around the University of Calgary’s Department of Geomatics which graduates the world’s highest number of engineers with PhD’s and Master’s in geomatic disciplines. Calgary also hosts TECTERRA, the world’s largest incubator of geomatics startups.

The Takemetuit team was the founder of JDA Software’s Distributed Store System (now Blue Yonder and recently acquired by Panasonic for $6.4 B), which was implemented in over 50,000 enterprise retail stores. This team is passionate about making precision indoor positioning as critical to sustainable omni-channel retailing as has been perpetual inventory management and predictive analytics/AI.

  • Tom Thomson
    Tom ThomsonCo-Founder and DirectorOver the past 30 years, Tom has started and operated five businesses in retail, search engine technology, book & magazine publishing, and photography.  Takemetuit is Tom’s brainchild; his involvement has been hands on since day one. As Executive Vice President and creator of Takemetuit Tom is involved in the product development, strategic development, operation and marketing as it moves into commercialization.  His market connections and inquisitive, analytical approach in all things lends itself to staying on top of market trends and innovations that can be applied to Takemetuit.
  • Don Thompson
    Don ThompsonPresident, Chairman and DirectorPrior to Takemetuit, Don launched the development, funding, and commercialization of the world’s best-selling MS Windows in-store POS system (200+ clients/50,000 stores), e-retail and other enterprise retail applications as VP, JDA Software Canada (NASDAQ: JDAS). Don has 30 years of senior executive experience in the business systems sector, including ownership, directorships, and development of strategy, teams and enterprise product/ service offerings. Don resides in Calgary.
  • Bryan Slauko, CFADirectorBryan is a co-founder and managing partner of Metiquity Ventures Fund, Calgary and manages the daily activities of the fund. He brings over 20 years of experience as an investment professional, advisor, entrepreneur and director. For the past 10 years Bryan has combined his expertise in investment analysis, market research, due diligence and early-stage growth equity with experience in business strategy, corporate governance and business building, to help unlock growth opportunities, create value and effectively manage risk for investors, early-stage companies and the communities he works in.
    • Don BrayVice President of Product DevelopmentDon is a senior leader in innovating and delivering integrated retail store systems. Don led the research, development, programming, Q&A, and delivery of JDA's Distributed Store POS System which is installed in 50,000 stores worldwide and multiple business partners.
      • Jim ArmstrongDirector (non-voting) & ShareholderFounder in Calgary of JDA Software/Blue Yonder. Formerly CEO and Chairman for 35 years; recently sold to Panasonic for $6.4B. Jim grew JDA from a small team, including Takemetuit President Don Thompson, to the world’s largest ERP supply chain software company after SAP. Jim is highly experienced at M&A, venture capital and all aspects of profitable commercialization and growth of technology companies, particularly those focused on retail and distribution industries.
        • Diane Schwartz-WilliamsDirector of Finance & MarketingWith over 35 years direct experience in marketing, administration, retail management and event coordination Diane brings a diverse toolkit with her to Takemeutuit. Having launched her career with a major national retailer, working for seven years in management roles, she subsequently formed her own company, Reach Marketing & Business Services. In that capacity she worked with small to medium sized businesses, major corporations, municipal governments and not-for-profit organizations across a broad range of sectors. With demonstrated strengths in business planning, marketing, creative development, results assessment and communication, Diane will draw on all her experience and knowledge to assist Takemetuit in its global development and growth.