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Takemetuit is revolutionary technology that is designed to deliver instantaneous product locating and route mapping for customers and employees. We are uniquely able to update location and mapping accuracy multiple times per second to 10cm of accuracy in 3 dimension. This makes Takemetuit a powerful enterprise tool for OmniChannel retailers and enable a myriad of ROI applications, much more so than proximity sensing and geo-fence technologies are able to deliver.

Takemetuit is designed to “plug in” to a retailers existing mobile shopping and store inventory applications to add its locating and mapping functionality. This way OmniChannel retailers retain their branding, business processes and user experience but add in Takemetuit capabilities to deliver new customer service, internal ROI and competitive advantages.

Our technology consists of small attractive ceiling mounted beacons that are easy to install, smart phone app “plug in’s” and the Takemetuit store server. Significantly, our design incorporates integration into retail planogram and store layout systems to “mass geotag” product locations. We also can automatically “geotag” product and shelf locations in three dimensions each time an employee scans a shelf tag by embedding our software into retailer store inventory, restocking and pricing apps. Store and employee processes do not have to change to use Takemetuit.

Product, customer and employee location data from Takemetuit can also be passed back to retailer applications and analytics for a myriad of powerful OmniChannel retail competitive advantages. For more information on this, please request a copy of our white paper, “Location Based Retailing”.

See how it works here.


With the Takemetuit app, you simply create a shopping list from one of our participating retailers. You will have access to their entire inventory, so you can be as specific as you want and can search by brand names or just by general categories, such as “Pasta” or “Patio Furniture”. You can create this list on your mobile device, or if you wish, create your list on our website under your user account. You can have multiple lists and you can even save your lists and use them over again.


Once you arrive at the store location, the Takemetuit app will automatically show you your location in the store on a detailed floor plan map. All of the items from your shopping list will also magically appear in their exact location in the store as red dots. Takemetuit will then intuitively create the best route for you to get all of your items in the least amount of time. You will be alerted with a chime as you pass by an item on your list if you happen to be distracted while on route.

Check Items Off Your List

As you place items in your shopping cart, you can quickly tap your shopping list item or the item’s red location dot to change its status to “Got It!”. This tells the Takemetuit app that you have found your item and have checked it off your list. Because the Takemetuit app is integrated with the retailer’s live inventory, you can see the total amount your shopping trip is going to cost, including any items that are on sale! You can even add items to your list on-the-fly as you are shopping.

Check Out!

Takemetuit will tell you where the nearest checkout counter is, and which one is the least busy! How cool is that! Now all you have to do is figure out what you’re going to do with all of the time you just saved!

Additional Features

With the Takemetuit SDK, the uses of this technology are practically limitless.

Coupon Alerts

Notifies Users of Sale Items when they are within Arms Reach.

Real Time Mapping

Accurate Positioning Technology Tracks Users in Real-Time within Inches.

Multiple Applications

Retail Stadiums, Warehouses, Security, EMS, Targeted Marketing, Asset Management, Inventory Tracking


See How It Works for Retailer Employees and Shoppers

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